About Us


World Chen Style Taijichuan Academy Australia was established in 2002. We promote and teach traditional Chen style as practice by Master Chen Xiaowang and Chen Yingjun.

Chen style taijiquan (pronounce tai-ji-chuan meaning Taichi boxing) is a complete system of martial arts ranging from hand forms, weapon forms to push hand, practicing Chen style taijiquan correctly can bring optimum health benefits to the wellbeing of a person as the silk reeling movements of taijiquan encourage smooth flow of energy throughout the body. With good guidance and extra training effort from a good teacher, one can develop martial proficiencies.

Our club instructor Tim Yuen has trained in Chen style since 1997. He teaches the entire Chen style system consist of Chansi Gong (silk reeling exercise method),Laolia, Laojia cannon fist. Xinjia, Xinjia cannon fist, long sword, broadsword, spear and staff and Guandao and all the push hand forms. Over the years, he has trained many instructors in the Brisbane area to assist in teaching Chen style. He hopes more people can be benefited from practicing taijichuan.

Classes and Lessons

Weekly Taichi Classes:

We hold weekly classes at local parks on Saturday and Sunday morning. Please see contact number below.

Private Lessons:

We also teach private lessons for those who prefer one on one learning experience include those wanting to learn advance level of taichi.

Corporate Taichi:

We also conduct corporate taichi for companies wishing to include taichi as their ‘Safety’ agenda. Taichi can assist company employees improve productivities and safety awareness.

Taichi Workshop:

We can provide teachings at any workshop organised by other organisation wishes to learn Chen style. We also conduct yearly workshop for Master Chen Yinjun to teach in Brisbane.

For all training needs, please contact Tim Yuan on 0416 624 177 or via email [email protected]