Master Chen XiaoWang


Master Chen XiaoWang, currently the Standard Bearer and direct 19th generation of Chen family taijiquan is considered to be the ‘Living Jewel’ of his family art passing down from his Grandfather Chen Fake also known for his great martial skills and exemplary character. This lineage also traces back to the creator of Chen Jiagou taijichuan Chen Wangting and other descendants such as the Great Chen Changxing, Chen Gengyun, and Chen Yanxi, Chen Fake, Chen Zhaoxu and Chen Zhaokui etc.

Master Chen was born in 1946 in Chen Jiagou village, Henan Province, son of Chen ZhaoXu. He began learning his family art at a young age from his uncles Chen Zhao Kui and Chen ZhaoPei and undertook rigorous training discipline to master his art. He subsequently won China’s National Tournament in three consecutive years, in 1980, ’81 and ’82. He was crowned All China Grand Champion at the first International Open Tournament in Xian in 1985. He is a member of the National Umpiring Commission and is technical advisor to the National Federation of Taijichuan a position he held since 1985. He is also the national coach of China since his appointment in 1988.

Since then he began to share his skill with the world, every year he spends a considerable length of time away from home teaching taking on the responsibility of passing down the art to ensure that the traditional Chen style taijichuan is well maintained not only in China but also the entire world.

He migrated to Australia in the early-mid nineties with his family. Master Chen XiaoWang’s dedication to spreading the Chen Style taijichuan can be said to be extraordinary and inspirational. The Chen masters of the future must be grateful for his work in laying a solid foundation for them.

In recent years, Chen Jiagou taijichuan has captivated a lot attention from people of other martial art backgrounds and other styles of taichi and will continue to do so due to the tireless work of Master Chen XiaoWang. He’s definitely an influential figure in the world of taijichuan. His name is in the mention as soon as we talk about Chen style, he has countless of students throughout the world, sometimes up to four or five generations. His seminars are often well attended with students reported it to be exciting, well taught and AMAZING…