Taiji Rules

Respect the Chen family, the old people made these rules to follow and obey.

12 Characters

1. Dawn Have good/correct posture when sitting or standing.

2. Jen Have the right attitude–treat people fairly and nicely.

3. How Have an open mind.

4. Shen Have a good belief system.

5. Jing Respect the order or lineage.

6. Run Be kind!

7. Yung Be brave!

8. Chaun Be honest.

9. E Something may be very difficult, yet stick with it.

10. If you think something is right, you have to do it.

11. Jhong Be very good to the Chen family.

12. Du Have good, positive thoughts.

20 Rules

1. Do not cheat.

2. Do not misuse your power.

3. If someone is in danger, help them and do not be afraid.

4. Do not do any bad things.

5. Do not steal.

6. Do not misuse your power.

7. Do not beg.

8. Do not join a gang.

9. Do not overspend.

10. Do not give up, always improve yourself.

11. If some bad person wants to fight with you, do not fight back.

12. Do not fight snobs, gangsters, or gangs.

13. Do not treat poor people badly.

14. If money or property does not belong to you, do not take it.

15. When handling any business matters, be honest.

16. Separate public and private things; do not grab public stuff for your own .

17. Be good to the public first.

18. Do not climb the corporate ladder just for your own self interest.

19. Love your country.

20. Do not just use your physical powers to solve problems.

Chen Family Ancestral Law ( Men Gui ) – essential rules for those who take up the practice of Chen style Taijiquan – for martial skill and spiritual growth [ Sim & Gaffney]:

The 12 Characters

1. Decorous

2. Respectful

3. Just

4. Upright

5. Kind

6. Noble

7. Magnanimous

8. Courageous

9. Honest

10. Trustworthy

11. Sincere

12. Virtuous

The 20 Disciplines

1. Do not bully others.

2. Do not oppress the weak.

3. Do not be a coward ; help those in peril.

4.Do not engage in unlawful acts.

5. Do not use skill for immoral acts.

6. Do not be arrogant.

7. Do not sell/exhibit skill indiscriminately.

8. Do not join illicit gangs.

9. Do not waste time in idleness.

10. Do not be conceited and boastful.

11. Do not compete with the arrogant.

12. Do not argue with the ignorant.

13. Do not be influenced by worldly possessions.

14. Do not seek undeserved wealth.

15. Do not indulge in alcohol and lust.

16. Do not be in public or personal debt.

17. Do not obstruct public or personal efforts.

18. Do not hunger for power and position.

19. Do not be a traitor.

20. Do not neglect your training or waste your skill.