Master Chen YingJun


Master Chen Yingjun is the 20th generation Chen family taijiquan master and second son of world renounced Master Chen Xiaowang. He has trained in Chen taijiquan since he was 8, learning from both his father and his uncle Chen Xiaoxing. Being a direct descendant of the Chen family, he bears the burden of ensuring the traditional taijiquan maintains its highest of standards.

Over the past decade, Chen Yingjun is slowly establishing himself to be another great Chen family master. Extraordinarily fine in skill and humble in character, he dedicates a few months of each year to focus on training so he could reach another level. while he calls Australia home, he travels extensively in the second half of each year to teach.


Yingjun’s workshop is inspirational and fun. His techniques are subtle yet very powerful. With an approachable nature, Master Chen Yingjun is readily shared the secret to his success. Those attended his workshop would appreciate his ability to convey the teaching in perfect spoken English.

Anyone wish to contact Yingjun for training or workshop. You can contact him via email [email protected] or his phone number 61+0424 038 638 or alternately if no answer, please contact Tim Yuan on 61+0424 624 177 or drop us an email at [email protected]